Bruce on Broadway

“In Manhattan, the lights seem brighter and the theater crowds swirl through the streets… and it is alsplendor.
~ Jimmy Breslin

On a cold, winter night, I was lucky enough to see Bruce Springsteen on Broadway at the Walter Kerr Theater. Here I am sitting out front, waving, before the show.

“All splendor.”

 Excitement pushes passion through the freezing air. New York is alive with the buzz of anticipation. 

Balanced atop a metal fixture, with a red and white scarf wrapped around my face, I’m waiting for Bruce to arrive.

When he does, everything shines…

“It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive.”
~ Bruce Springsteen

About the acclaimed show, Springsteen said, “My idea was really just to present the work that I’ve done for the past 40 years or so and let it speak for itself.”

When he finishes his run in December 2018, he’ll have played 236 shows.

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