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“After the verb ‘to love,’ the verb ‘to help’ is the most beautiful verb in the world.”
~ Bertha Von Suttne

Aloha, friends.

Most of you know me as @mscator on Twitter. I am a writer, cancer survivor, and the creator of

Aloha means love… 

Daily Celebrations is my lei of aloha, guided by my life’s experiences and my heart…

My goal is to live with aloha– to find something to celebrate every single day, and help others do so, too.

Trust me, once you start looking, you’ll find a lot to celebrate in life.

The website began on March 1, 1999 as a way to say “I’m just a mouse click away,” to my family and friends. 

Here I am, exactly 19 years later. Wow.

Through the years, has fueled my creativity and helped me stay true to my commitment to love life and celebrate aloha.

Books are my haven. Reading comforts, entertains, and enriches. Research is fun. And writing has always been my joy.


“Life is a celebration of passionatcolors.”
~ Leialoha Cator

Here, I can be me. I’m organizing my thoughts, anxious to share and discovery things with you.

I can also share the quotations I’ve been collecting since I was a child. My database includes over 70,000 quotes culled from the brightest minds in history.

Ideas to consider. Ideas to motivate, educate, and inspire. Ideas to celebrate life daily.

With quiet, with passion.

♥ Don’t be shy. I’m here to help. Let me know what you think.

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